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14 Businesses Doing a Great Job at Python

 Python the famed programming language can indeed be termed as the “language of the day”. The convergence of multiple positive traits in Python has made it suitable for numerous endeavours. It is a preferred choice of millennials, and utilized by many companies as well. To elucidate how businesses could benefit from Python is not a small task and cannot be contained in an article of this kind.

The uncomplicatedness and high level capabilities that the language is endowed with, has indeed made it the quintessential programming language. One cannot ignore the fact that it is used extensively by Google, the world’s most valued company.

Let’s see a little bit about the companies that are using this sophisticated language for their benefit-


It is needless to say anything about this company. The total suite of tutorials, eBooks, guides, videos, documents and learning material provided by Google is a testimony to the fact that Python has been accepted and utilized the organization. It is not a well-known fact that Google makes use of Python even for YouTube, the renowned video sharing platform.


Python has the particularity of having extensive libraries that come with all-encompassing tools and options to choose from. This inherent aspect of Python has come to great use in the case of Reddit. It has leveraged a varied version of every library chosen.


This was unexpected, but it is true and coming from one of the leading AI Drug discovery market. It is one of rarest scenarios, where Python has been used to create medicine for humans. It is emphasized that the time taken for the development of the drug was lesser.

There is enough evidence to support this fact.


Quora the popular interactive platform, has mainly been using Python. This was acknowledged by Adam D’ Angelo, the CEO of the platform himself.

The internal employees also believe in the prowess of Python and its inherent ability to help the organization scale higher.


Spotify is a unique scenario where, a music streaming and media services provider with Million paying subscribers has utilized Python. A python package called Luigi coordinates with Hadoop that is primarily used for Big Data.

Spotify uses Python because it accelerates the Development process. In addition to these, they host conferences regarding the language.

Eve Online-

Now this is a company with a difference. Eve Online is into online games, and a global simulator that has been built making use of Python. This aforementioned fact has been confirmed from the company’s official blog.

So, if you happen to play a game designed by Eve Online, you must know that the game has been developed using Python.


Dropbox is a cloud services platform that came to the fore, due to its innate ability for hosting any kind of file and allowing access through the internet. It is not a very well-known fact that Dropbox uses Python for various internal activities, which include extending cross-platform support, improving ease of learning, and enhancing the readability.


It is indeed amazing to know that Python is inherently utilized in Uber’s architecture, which is a combination of numerous smaller databases that interact with each other. Right from the inception, Uber has been using Python and they have been doing so ever since.

It is also a noteworthy fact that Python Machine Learning frameworks such as NumPy and PyTorch have contributed much to their AI endeavours. It does not end here. Python tools are in place as well to test their all-encompassing machine learning models.


Pinterest presents visual pins that delightfully depict hobbies, design ideas, lifestyle aspirations and more. Internally, the Python based Django framework is used, whereas Tornado and Node.js frameworks are used for web servers.


One cannot omit Netflix, as it is a distinguished company that needs no formal introduction. With the increasing popularity and the subsequent growth of paid subscriptions, the company has broadened its base in the market today. But all these can be attributed to the large network of tools associated with Python programming.

Many activities that boost machine learning such as, analysing movies, enhancing streaming and taking out images to exhibit thumbnails are supported by Python. In addition to this, Python renders support to security and numerical analysis innately handled by Netflix.


It could be hard to believe, but that does not change the fact. You will be astonished to know that NASA uses Python in their Workflow Automation System (WAS) to deal with shuttle mission planning and data management.

Python is extremely easy to use that makes it possible to adhere to all project requirements and conditions, amicably and seamlessly without any hindrances. It does not end here. Python supports various other projects for the organization.


Instagram the famous Social Networking platform owned by Facebook is one of the most prominent companies making use of Python’s latest version i.e., Python 3. 10. 7. The efficiency, simplicity and feasibility of Python has endeared it to Instagram.

The company has chosen Python over PHP.


The notable Online Course Provider Udemy which offers a vast array of courses that include Python study plans, makes use of the Django framework. If you admire Udemy, just like I do, then you must know that content development, payment processing, and the seamlessness with which all these are integrated is because of Python.


Stripe a distinctive Fintech organization that makes use of Python web app technology to construct APIs and incorporate them into Mobile and Web apps.

You can very well see the amicable handling of subscription management, invoicing and fraud prevention. The increased adeptness in financial tasks is mainly due to the ease of use inherent in Python.

Though describing Python is an inordinate task, an attempt has been made to describe some of the valuable merits. Simplicity, ease of access, a strong community offering support, and an ecosystem gifted with multiple developer tools that are extremely resourceful, has made it an ideal choice for developers and learners everywhere across the globe.

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