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The Next Big Thing in Web Development

The quintessential quest for identifying and learning the tactics, to fine-tune and optimize Web Development always remains. As the perennial need to capitalize on opportunities bogs down people in the industry, a clear understanding of the upcoming trends gives an insight into the steps that must be adopted by today’s Web Developers.

The digital scenario has been an ever evolving one and this is complemented with an unforeseeable future of technology. In view of all these, there is a huge onus on Web Developers to accomplish the required goals in the present competitive environment.

The practicality of updating one’s skills to meet the present challenges of Web Development is constantly questioned. This is even more alarming in a scenario where the adaptability and flexibility of online spaces in the Web are changing rapidly. The onus is a lot on today’s Web Developers to create first rate layouts and feature rich websites.

AI Chatbots-

There will be a tremendous surge in the usage of Chatbots. It is expected to gain more momentum in the coming days, as it is required to match greater behavioural needs of users by natural language processing and machine learning. Gathering information, resolving issues and answering queries will now be an exceedingly enhanced experience.

Speed is something that is incredibly important in performing activities such as using voice or text chats. AI Chatbots invariably help gain speed, thereby improving the overall experience of the customers. The arduous tasks of collecting data, answering queries and providing the right resolution for issues within the stipulated time, can indeed provide a seamless digital experience for users.

Single Page Applications-

Being a splendid way to create an appealing UX, Single Page Applications (SPAs) are becoming very popular. They do not occupy huge space on servers, as they make information available on a single page that too without the need to move around the website.

Understanding SPAs in the deeper context, they are JavaScript based web applications that load one HTML page in the browser with dynamic content.

Needless to say, Single Page Applications (SPAs) are strikingly appealing and useful for both users and organizations. What indeed makes them worthwhile is the fact that it takes the performance of your website to an entirely new high by decreasing loading time along with interruptions and helps achieve goals within the stipulated or less turnaround time. The popularity of Single Page Applications is on the rise, despite the very fact that very little information would be available on the website.

In several scenarios, it has enhanced the brand image by making messages very effective. Though unconventional, it loads the dynamic content on the same page. Web technologies such as HTML5 and AJAX can be used to make SPAs responsive. You would also attain the much sought for benefits of Easy Navigation, Simple Debugging, Offline Support and Reduced Bounce Rate which is on the target list of several marketers today.


Progressive Web Apps-

Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) mark the progress of technology beyond responsive websites. It is endowed with special capabilities and built with modern JavaScript frameworks. It can function as a native app as well. It is dependable, quick and attractive, and can offer a full screen experience to users. These apps are indeed a revolution in the technological world.

The distinguishing feature of PWAs are that one doesn’t have to create apps separately with intricacies for Android and iOS. PWAs go way ahead in addressing the ever existing concern of privacy and security, as these apps have high functionality levels that do not load or crash on browsers or mobile gadgets. Additionally, it can work online and also with a slower internet connection, that too at an economical price!

Users seldom realize that their experiences and interactions are purely from their respective browsers. The coherent maintenance it offers certainly does add feather to the cap.



Cybersecurity has been and will always remain a very crucial matter. Data, computers and networks will be vulnerable to misuse and hackers. Cybersecurity is given prominence by organizations to prevent such illegal activities that could result in leaking of confidentially critical information and financial losses. This also applies unvaryingly to data centres and other digital platforms. So, security can be ensured against alteration and obliteration of critical data from the safe zones of organizations.

It has become the onus of Web Developers today to safeguard the company’s data given the substantial increase in cybercrimes. Extraordinary methods have evolved to promote Cybersecurity in organizations and this supersedes monitoring tools that are mostly in use. Presently, you will find Service Providers inclined towards Firewalls, Data Loss Prevention, Virtual Private Networks, Vulnerability Scanners, and Identity/Access Management.

Keeping in view, the above scenario one can foretell that both businesses and individuals will invest more in Cybersecurity in the coming days. You can be proactive in safeguarding yourself from cyber-attacks by allowing roles, permissions and multi-factor authentications, and evaluating how vulnerable your organization is.        

Internet of Things (IoTs)-

With the advent of technology, even household devices can be associated to wearable technologies with ease through internet. This makes the services of organizations more accessible and reachable at a very less time.

This particular trend is certainly the most prominent among all the others. IoTs unequivocally exemplify the improvement of technology in the lives of humans today. The enhanced level of convenience that it provides is commendable.

It has even made advanced communication possible between functional models and website layouts. The key advantages of IoTs are Scalability, Dependability, and Protection and Support. Conducted cars, driverless vehicles, smart cities, smart contact lenses, IoT tracking systems and wearables inherently make use of IoT based technologies.

Another obvious benefit that users can derive is that it provides access to a wide range of things through mobile devices. It is implicit in signalling devices, cameras and sensors. IoTs have made it possible to resolve issues quickly, amicably and efficiently with well-timed responses.

There is an anticipated issue pertaining to security and undeniably will be a challenge to Web Developers.

Virtual Reality- (VR)

Virtual Reality is an exceedingly phenomenal discovery in the field of technology that has never been heard of anytime in the past. It gives people the uncanny ability to engage with their end products that too without any impediments.

Virtual Reality is booming in the Gaming industry. Tech Giants such as Google have endorsed APIs to integrate VR Technology to the Web. It is predicted that websites and web applications would adopt VR for engaging with end products to provide an outstanding experience without any impediments.

There would be lesser need for travel and it would create a conducive environment to save money, increase conversions, ensure higher levels of safety in workplaces, team up with remote employees and introduce products in a memorable manner.

API First Development-

The foremost thing that is considered or seen about web solutions is how integrable they are with other applications. This very concept sows the seed of API First Development. API First Development is well known as it fulfils the needs of developers who implement the code, when the website is accessed.

The expenditure is lowered and delivery happens sooner. The timeless benefits are not limited to enhanced adaptableness, faster time to launch, improved client experiences with reduced costs. The workflow usually includes the process of creating a design, working on prototypes, procuring access to other prototypes, and finally the repetition of the whole cycle in case of a bug or movement.

The needs of users are fulfilled with API First Development. The speed of delivery is increased whereas the expenditure of overall development is lowered. New websites can be transformed into sources of content delivery. It makes it possible to access CMS created from browsers, kiosks or even cars.

When applications are created the process of development would be slow, as there is a need to outline all the data structures and interactions with systems in isolation before making an official release. An open architecture that can go well with the present set-up is possible, when API First Development is used.

Blockchain Technology-

The emergence of blockchain is a turning point in the field of Web Development. Many organizations today are turning towards this technology as it ensures greater level of protection, and makes transactions invulnerable. The distinguished ability to store sensitive data across multiple locations internationally does adds feather to the crown.

The future of many industries rests on the very revolution Blockchain Technology is expected to create. The functions of Blockchain are safe and secure from errors, technical inaccuracies and hacking. It has made it possible to create algorithms for protecting the necessary user data, and ensuring the safety of crypto trading. It can have a profound impact on the way people communicate with government organizations, tax agencies and also their professional contacts.

This technology improves the trust, enables sharing of data within networks where no single individual or entity is entirely responsible, raises security and privacy, while reducing costs.

Motion UI-

Visitors are always captivated when they are given an exciting experience. The presence of 3D Visual Elements on websites have gained tremendous popularity. Motion UI paves the way to carry out animations and it is easier to accomplish the same with JavaScript. Motion UI is extremely well known in several industries such as Entertainment, Gaming, Science, Research, Medicine, Architecture, Interior Design, Engineering etc.

It is often seen that a very utilitarian design can be integrated with refined interactions to draw the attention of users and appear nice. There are several elements that include page header transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, background animations and modular scrolling. All these add splendour to the style, endearing to the user and impacting the behavioural aspect in a positive manner.

One can certainly enhance Motion UI techniques to take UI/UX to an entirely new high. To exemplify, leveraging catchy animations to provide a response to user’s movements can be helpful.

Push Notifications-

Push Notifications are the in-thing in today’s emerging ecosystem of latest Web Development technologies. Small messages on phones or computers can remind them or prompt them to take a particular action, which is deemed valuable by any business.

The information conveyed through these notifications do not require any kind of credentials or credentials. The main benefit that you could probably give users is by offering real-time updates, highlighting offers, and sending reminders along with the most requisite updates.

You can also achieve difficult milestones such as maintaining your existing clients while finding new ones.

Dark UI-

The trend of Dark websites has been on the rise in the recent days. These interfaces are becoming popular on both websites and apps. Dark UIs have become a source of inspiration for Web Developers for creating in built features that can switch between dark and light modes.

It makes it possible to make out light characters in a dark background. Apart from this key benefit, dark mode offers protection from blue light and consumes lesser energy. Readers feel comfortable in low light conditions that allows them to decrease eye strain and dryness.

It is not a hidden fact that Tech Giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, Slack, YouTube and Reddit have incorporated this in Web Development. Dark UI even enhances the battery life, as black pixels require lesser energy than colourful pixels.

Given the volatile scenario of Web Development, it is imperative to understand the needs and outlook of customers. Online Web Development Courses provide the necessary support in creating and maintaining web oriented solutions based on the aforementioned latest trends.

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On the successful completion of the course, you will be able to choose from a range of career opportunities, improve critical thinking skills and enhance your level of creativity.

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