Friday, August 26, 2022

Why the Biggest "Myths" About Digital Marketing May Actually Be Right?


Digital Marketing has become remarkably significant today and it is extremely essential for the growth of any organization or business.This blog aims to draw special attention to the Digital Marketing myths that are actually true.

The internet no doubt is commendable in providing the required information to people. It also provides an overabundance of all-encompassing information. As the genuineness of the information available on the net is questionable, people are sceptical about it.

Let us discuss a few points that are considered to be myths by most of the people-

1) Traffic from Mobile Devices Do Not Convert Much

Marketers often hear statements of this kind. And it is quite natural even for the knowledgeable in the industry to ignore or dismiss such statements branding them as mere myths.

But, candidly speaking it is certainly possible that this statement could be true. It is likely that websites or web pages that convert well on desktops or laptops, may not convert on mobile devices. The reasons could be many. One of the most prominent reasons is because the website is not responsive. This could make visitors not to proceed with the action deemed valuable by the advertiser or stakeholder. The other deterrent is the checkout process. If the website has a detailed checkout process, then same may not be completed by people who use mobile devices or smartphones.

2) Website Traffic is Directly Proportional to Conversions

While plain logic makes this statement obvious and quantifiable, it is considered as a major misconception due to several factors such as the source of the traffic, the cost incurred to receive the traffic and the time spent by visitors on website.

But, it is an acceptable fact that a substantial amount of genuine Mobile traffic to your website can translate into higher orders for your business or website.


3) Content is The Most Significant Aspect in Digital Marketing

Though it is true that the target audience may not engage with the content and translate your ideas into reality, Content has become the foremost aspect in Digital Marketing today. There is a strong possibility that the prominence that it can bring to your website or business is questionable.

Despite this, it can be used to create a significant impact in the industry. Content has to be managed well, and made both appealing and intriguing to the audiences today, in order to make your content marketing efforts worthwhile.


4) You Need to Be Selective About Social Media Platforms

We have a lot of jaded information about being relevant or getting noticed on Social Media today. While being omni-channel or multi-channel could seemingly appeal more to marketers, it is certainly very significant to know and understand the specific purposes of the various Social Media platforms, and how well suited are they for a business.

For instance, a proper study and evaluation of the available platforms coupled with the understanding of their inherent capabilities, will help prospective marketers or advertisers choose the most appropriate platform for their products or services.

5) Negative Reviews Are Detrimental

It is needless to say how damaging and disadvantageous negative reviews can be for your business. But, there are people who really think that any business is bound to receive negative reviews that doesn’t have to be attended to.

It is certainly imperative for any business to be very mindful and attentive about negative reviews and respond to them within a stipulated them. This helps build brand equity and prevents any possible damage to the organization by viral or word of mouth marketing.

6) Personalization is Important

It is a widely accepted fact that customers get attracted towards creatives that have information that they like or seek. Businesses that offer bespoke or custom tailored services are successful in converting more orders or have higher sales that those which do not.

Personalization is a technique that helps businesses endear to audiences with different personas or demographics.

So, in the aforementioned article the emphasis has been to make readers aware of certain facts that are considered as myths in today’s scenario. Digital Marketing being a very vast subject has numerous aberrations and very subtle strategies. It can be mastered, but requires some push. With all the information available on the web, it is certainly hard to validate the available information for furthering one’s digital marketing goals.

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