Friday, September 2, 2022

Why the Next 10 Years of Python Will Smash the Last 10?

 Python! The very name doesn’t need any introduction. This distinguished high level programming language is extremely popular and has been prominently in use for the past thirty years. It is considered to be one of the swiftest programming languages making it extremely important and sought for, from the Development scenario. Python is setting unprecedented benchmarks in the industry today and is gearing to become the most preferred programming language in the world.

It is an epoch making fact that Python has been used by Tech Giants such as Facebook, Amazon and Uber for their Mobile and Desktop applications. All these things make Python very intricately intriguing especially with regards to the repercussions it could create in the coming decade. Given the multifarious applications and use of Python, which can be invariably used for mobile development, web development and data science, one can be certainly get curious about the future trends.

Python is indeed the future with all positive aspects attributed to it, such as the ease with which the language can be grasped, the user-friendliness, the supportive community, the comfort level it provides developers to deal with, and lesser lines of code it requires while being readable and modifiable.

It is indeed fascinating to how Python would evolve and change in the next 10 years.

Superseding Java-

Python is expected to supersede Java. This can be mainly attributed to the fact that Java is very verbose and requires learners to have an understanding of classes, static methods and packages. Java comes with several rules, as it is typically meant to be handled by a group of people who share the work by breaking it into parts. Interestingly, Python requires less number of people to handle similar assignments. Python is more programmer friendly, when compared to Java.

Surpassing C-

Python has an edge over C programming language, as it requires explicit memory management.


Artificial Intelligence-

The boom of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science has caused Python to gain prominence and popularity, as it plays an extremely significant role in AI Coding Language. This is also owing to the fact that one can perform visualization tasks, exploratory data analysis, w.r.t machine learning, deep learning and neural networks.

Python will continue to remain a very portentous programming language.

A Foundation for Data Science and Smart Analytics-

Python is indeed a basis for Data Science and Smart Analytics, as it is and will continue to remain the preferred programming language of Analytics professionals. In addition to this, Python has supplanted R, making it paramount for these professionals.


Python by virtue of its inherent nature will be able to perform enormously large calculations and data visualizations.

Surge in Hiring-

With Data Analytics becoming increasingly popular among companies that intend to increase their profitability, the demand for Python Developers will increase tremendously.

Relationship with Data Science-

Python indeed stands a huge chance of becoming the language of the future due to the dependence of developers and programmers on it for Data Science, rather than web development and app development.

Increased Compatibility-

The seamless integration that Python offers with other programming languages will become higher over the years. This paves the way for higher transparency, and the renewal of projects that was not possible from other languages.

All the aforementioned predictions certainly help us envision the significance of Python to a small extent. So, learning Python can open new vistas for students, job seekers and other aspiring professionals. But, given the busy and demanding lifestyles that people have today, it is quite possible for them to pursue Python as a physical course. Elewayte, an organization well known for imparting skills, and empowering candidates to face the practical challenges of the workplace, offers the best online course for beginners.

The course has embedded tools and techniques that enables you to learn Python programming online in a hassle free and amicable manner. On the successful completion of the course, you will be able to choose from a range of career opportunities, improve critical thinking skills and enhance your level of creativity.

Feel free to reach Elewayte anytime for a consultation or to learn about our Online Python Programming courses.

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