Wednesday, October 26, 2022

10 Clichés About Digital Marketing You Should Avoid

Digital Marketing is a vast field that is booming right now. So, many things will be spoken about this industry by several people. Being an industry with distinctive tricks of the trade, you would certainly come across clichés that could mislead you.

Despite the fact that we have people learning from Online Digital Marketing Courses, they are not aware of certain things in the industry.

We have listed ten such clichés to help you understand how it is actually perceived-

                (i)“We Are The Best in The Industry”-

Despite the marketer’s belief and confidence in the business or brand, stating something of this kind could turn customers away and make the marketer look extremely smug. It could also make people doubt the credibility of everything that is offered. Such phrases have been overused even in the past and are considered to be jaded now.

                (ii)“Achieve Great Results By Being Online”-

People today attach a lot of importance to businesses that have an online presence. So, it is undoubtedly a fact, that the genuineness of any business or entity without an online presence is questionable.

Having said this, just being online doesn’t suffice. The marketer must engage with the audience on a regular basis and make unwavering efforts to pursue new clients as well. 

                (iii)“Get on The Social Media Bandwagon”-

It is often portrayed that it a must for businesses to focus on numerous Social Media platforms. This could lead to something abysmal. Not all platforms are suitable for every business. It is imperative to be selective about Social Media platforms and take full advantage of them.

This is because the business owner or marketer will be in a position to spend more time custom tailoring marketing messages for each platform and this in turn increases the possibility of getting positive results.

            (iv)“Keep Creating More Content, as Content is The King”-

It is widely popular now that Content is a must for all digital marketing activities. So, this could motivate people to create lot of Content to market their businesses. But, they may not succeed only by doing this. They should have a proper plan and create valuable content as per the plan. Only then it yields positive results.

                (v)“Treat Yourself With……. ”-

An overly optimistic approach may have to do more with a person’s emotions. Though this type of emotional marketing is expected to attract people, it could also be perceived as an artificial approach that lacks sincerity. So, it is important for businesses to be mindful when they adopt this kind of approach. 

                (vi) “Huge Savings or Discounts”-

An offer of this kind should be very specific about the detail. The customer must easily get to know how he or she can avail the discount. Also, some discounts may not really matter to customers. It should not appear that the marketer is just trying to promote the product or service with a misleading offer.

(vii) “As a Brand We Support Many Causes”-

Though many Brands today highlight they believe in making this world a better place, it is necessary for them to demonstrate the same by being socially responsible. Their values must resonate with causes that they are supposed to stand for.

People today, especially the younger generation is very particular about the practicality of such things.

(viii)“World Class”-

 We usually come across such terms on Digital Marketing platforms. But, it is necessary to back up the claim with sufficient evidence and avoid using it very often. Just saying it may not convince people and could also make them feel that your product or service is not trustworthy.

(ix)“Do More With Less”-

 It certainly looks very theatrical to see someone using this is Digital Marketing. This is a very imprecise statement that could make people disbelieve what you offer. It is a must for the marketer to provide more clarity as per the context. Doing this, would make the brand or business appear more genuine.

(x)“We Go The Extra Mile”-

We see businesses making a statement of this kind every now and then. It could make customers think negatively about the business, as they would have had experiences where the bare minimum was also not done. It is always better to be precise on how the business can add more value than what is expected.

You must think twice, if you come across such clichés, or want to use such clichés yourself. It can certainly create ambiguity about the business. It is also necessary to get the right kind of exposure to understand the complete scenario of Digital Marketing today. Elewayte offers Online Digital Marketing Courses With Certifications to help learners succeed, without being hampered by the lack of know-how. 

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