Tuesday, October 18, 2022

10 Resources That'll Make You Better at Mobile App Development

It is needless to talk about the significance of Mobile Apps today. It is ingrained in almost every activity of the digital sphere. So, the lack of a well-planned approach can prove to be detrimental, making the entire endeavour futile. 

Businesses today cannot afford to do a neglectful job, while developing Mobile Apps. But, how can they make their mobile app development efforts worthwhile? While there are Institutes offering the best online Mobile App Development courses for beginners, it is certainly not possible for everyone to take up and study them. 

Here, We have listed some of the valuable resources that can come to the aid of Mobile App developers. 


Appery is a noteworthy platform. Developers can easily go ahead with their processes using Appery, as they do not have to download stuff. It is remarkable to note that this platform agnostic tool can be custom tailored for the needs of the customer. It comes with a user friendly drag and drop feature.

Android Studio-

Android Studio is a well-known platform, and the preferred choice of Android developers. This distinctive platform is in demand for its implementation editor, and coding and designing capabilities. Another significant aspect of Android Studio is that it decreases the time required for coding. You also get a drag and drop feature for your project layouts.


AppInstitute is ideal for those who have never created Mobile Apps, or worked on such projects in detail. It requires Developers to follow a process consisting of very few steps. You will have the flexibility to choose a template, integrate elements from Social Media, and modify the App as per the customer’s requirement. This is indeed a gift for newcomers in the industry, who want to make Mobile Apps available to their customers.


Appcelerator is acclaimed for the task of making the entire process of Mobile App Development faster. So, Developers can expedite the process of release to the market. All these happen with the support of optimized APIs. Additionally, real time mobile analytics is available on the platform for tracking results and improving user interaction. Appcelerator is available for free, and also as a paid version.


AppMakr is an all-encompassing multi-platform Mobile App Development tool. You would be delighted to use the amazing drag and drop interface for creating apps in a seamless manner. AppMakr has an easy subscription process that gives you an opportunity to explore new features for Development.


Xamarin is one of the most prominent platforms available for Mobile App Development. It provides an integrated environment that utilizes Visual Studio Tools for helping developers create native apps. There are several features available in this platform that include code editing, refactoring, debugging, testing and cloud publishing. It just doesn’t end here. You get Azure credit on a monthly basis.


Lead Generation Marketing is the lifeline for any business. Como is particularly useful for those who are interested in driving clients to their stores with Loyalty Programs. Como is a first rate tool that provides an exclusive layer to make loyalty programs more attractive and appealing. This DIY tool is extremely valuable for business owners today.


Ionic is one of the most preferred platforms for developing Mobile Apps. It is simple, effortless and straightforward for Developers to model with the Command Line Interface (CLI). Empowered with the current web technology, you can create hybrid and progressive apps on various platforms. Adding a feather to the crown, the Ionic Framework is free and allows the development of exemplary platform independent apps from a single codebase.

jQuery Mobile-

jQuery Mobile is a rare and intriguing tool that is very pertinent in today’s scenario. With companies prioritizing Mobile over Desktop or Laptop, the Development efforts for Mobile is on the upswing. This situation requires Developers to focus on Mobile website development and Mobile app development in parallel. JQuery Mobile can ease this situation as you would be able to work on both the processes at the same time and use information meticulously.

React Native-

React Native is of enormous significance is the field of Mobile App Development. It enables developers to create extraordinary native apps using JavaScript and React. You can write the code in JavaScript and build user interfaces with React.

The tools mentioned above can really work wonders for ambitious Mobile App Developers. But, it is also necessary to possess the right kind of expertise and skills to drive the very process of Development. This is because, Developers have to make fastidious use of resources to ensure the right outcome. In the current scenario, it is an arduous task to find genuine people who provide correct guidance about such topics.

Online courses could help a great deal. As a platform, Elewayte offers the best online Mobile app development course with certifications. The course keeps you updated with the latest in the industry and provides valuable exposure to coherent methods of App creation.

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